The Energy Week is a space for exchanging experiences

The Energy Week is a space for exchanging experiences and knowledge of the energy sector, through the generation of business opportunities and project financing.
This event has become the main energy reference in the region that brings together the high authorities of the sector, representatives of the governments of the 27 Member Countries of the Latin American Energy Organization (Olade).
In this VII edition of the Energy Week we resume the face-to-face modality to generate a space of innovation, updating of knowledge and exchange of experiences of the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. And this time it will be in Panama City.

The last year that the ENERGY WEEK event was held in person, it took place in Lima-Peru and was organized jointly with the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru within the framework of the World Renewable Energy Expo (Sun World 2019), organized by the Ministry and the International Solar Alliance.


More than 2173 participants from governments, international organizations, lecturers, national and international panelists and academics gathered for this meeting. A total of 20 official delegations from the Olade Member Countries attended the XLIX Meeting of Ministers.
During the discussions, the participants learned about the progress made in the improvement, systematization and modernization of energy information systems in Latin America and the Caribbean. Progress achieved thanks to the synergy and contributions of Olade’s strategic partners, such as the International Energy Agency, the United Nations Energy Statistics Section, the financial support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and in accordance with the International Recommendations on Energy Statistics (IRES). As well as the support of the World Bank in strengthening the capacities of energy information systems.